Applied AI Lab

Suning Applied Artificial Intelligence Lab is dedicated to developing the next generation intelligent e-commerce platform for Suning worldwide, and transforming Suning’s core business using the cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to deliver a pleasant online experience for customers no matter in shopping, financial investment, entertainment or tourism. Whether you are shopping for a fashionable beach dress, arranging a vacation plan, or are conducting a financial transaction, accessing news regarding a football game; on the web or through mobile app, chatting with our AI driven bot via audio or text, our conversational platform provides an integrated, seamless and excellent user experience.

To fulfill our mission, we combine different aspects from machine learning, computational linguistics, data mining in big text corpus, interactive dialogue systems, speech recognition and big data analytics to create an array of products to satisfy our customers’ needs. Our current focus includes building the next generation conversational E-Commerce platform and developing personalized investment portfolio recommendations.


The Applied AI Lab is a team of energetic, open-minded and ambitious engineers, researchers and analysts who are making every effort for purpose of creating a satisfying user experience, keeping our corporate’s commitment of making people’s experience with Suning simple and enjoyable.