Big Data Lab


We are a team of big data engineers. We passionately believe that the future is sending us dynamic strong and/or weak signals through all types of information, and they are carried by data. As engineers, we are building lightning fast big data platform to process, detect, and capture these signals in order to take a first peek of the future.


The backend of our big data platform features a rich library of best-in-class distributed algorithms. They are natively developed for Spark ML and GraphX. With a fancy-and-easy canvas front end, users can drop-and-play to process data and build models. Our platform provides machine learning as a service to all Suning product lines, such as sales forecasting, logistics optimization, consumer credit score, fraud detection, and many other types of predictive models.


Fascinated by the huge progress of recent big data technologies, we share the same vision about data power, love to take challenges, and focus on applying new theories to benefit or change real businesses.