Connected Finance

Be Game Changer

Suning Internet finance team focuses on investigating state-of-art internet technologies to innovate Suning financial products and services. Our team is committed to bring true value to our customers in fields including but not limited to secure and easy payment service, sociological data fused credit model, high-return/low-risk investment products and etc.


Connected finance employs big data technologies to bring new capital operation opportunities to users/entities. Big data platforms integrates a wide range of information from a payment, loan, insurance, investment and wealth management ecosystem to decision makers. Our sociological data fused credit scoring system will enable more chances for capital suppliers and applicants and drive capital flow in new ways.


Our team is taking efforts to use machine learning and large-​scale data analysis to better recognize and assess factors to automated credit/risk scores. Combined with other emerging technologies, our team is also working on enabling new credit options through mobile payment service and automated financial tools