Innovative Application Lab

The Innovative Application Lab aims to showcase Suning’s smart retail scene-building and technology-enabling landscape capabilities and promote a 3D shopping experience, by leveraging the advanced AR-based technology in conjunction with Suning’s many front-end retail business scenarios.




Innovative Application Labs has always utilized the latest technology to develop applications, such as the Tango Smart Home with Google Tango, the Hologram Home with Microsoft Hologram, Suning Anywhere with AR Kit, and many more. These conceptual applications were successfully demonstrated in CES 2017 and CES Asia.



Currently, Suning Anywhere iOS has been integrated into the Suning App. Innovative Application Lab will continue to focus on studying new technologies. Also, the team will develop a new application using artificial intelligence and holographic projection technologies. It will enhance the user's interest and interactivity during shopping, and gradually give more and more 3D shopping experience to Suning’s users.