Innovative Application Lab

Suning Innovative Application Lab was created on the belief that innovative technologies can facilitate creative products and services. Our initial focus is to advance the development in AR for retail and online shopping space. AR will soon be blended seamlessly with real world and our goal is to create convenient interaction that are intuitive to users. The team utilizes currently available Augmented Reality hardware such as Microsoft Hololens and Google Tango. By building upon this foundation, it allows us to explore diverse strategies to create practical applications for today’s market.




Just like other Labs within Suning International USA, research is a critical part of Suning Innovative Application Lab’s mission. The process of discovery provides us with deeper understanding of current technology trends and its direction, systems and impact, but more importantly, it solves issues and challenges that are critical to the growth, and overall evolution of core businesses.


The Innovate Application Lab team is composed of highly driven, creative engineers with diverse background in gaming, social networking, and consumer applications. Cultivating a diverse workplace leads to better ideas, more fruitful collaboration, and a vibrant culture. We are passionate about providing next generation of applications and services with direct impact on shaping the future in retail and online shopping.