A New Way to Shop for the New Generation

The invention of smart phones, tablets and wearables plays a major role in our daily life: products are compared with just swipes of a finger; purchases are made in just a few clicks… the power of choice is held in our hand, and with it comes the confusion received from mass information.


The idea of “Xmore” was born to make simple shopping stay simple. Consumers are faced with overwhelming information when making purchases, for example websites, stores, brands, models, reviews and now,mobile apps. “Xmore” puts these vast amount of shopping information in order; it aligns products’ information with information known about the consumers; it matches and filters products behind the scene, smartly and seamlessly.


“Xmore” leverages intelligent search technologies combined with big data analytics. Using real-user reviews and comments it aims to identify what consumers need at the time they need it by recommending what consumers may want as they browse through products and brands across retailers.. It is completed with intuitive mobile interfaces so everyone is able to find and buy products in simple steps.


We are a group of ambitious researchers, engineers, analysts and product managers who are making every efforts to achieve this goal. Prototype is currently under development and we aim to launch the product with selected availability by the summer of 2015.