Who We Are

The leaders, the explorers


  • Founded in 1990, Suning is one of the leading commercial enterprises in China with two public companies in China and Japan respectively. In 2017, Suning Holding ranked second among the top 500 private-owned enterprises in China with annual revenue of 81.23 billion USD.

  • Headquartered in Nanjing, Suning has strengthened and expanded its core business through eight vertical industries: Suning.com, Logistics, Financial Services, Technology, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, Sports, and Investment. Among which, Suning.com was featured on the 2017 edition of Fortune Global 500.

  • With the ambition to expand overseas, Suning set up its first R&D center in the heart of Silicon Valley in November of 2013. In the following year, Suning launched its Cross-border e-commerce operation and general trading center.




  1. “Global Suning, Built to Last" - Suning’s vision is to become a renowned global brand leader and service provider through the promotion of "High-Tech and Smart Services."


  3. The different branches of Suning USA aspire to become an engine of innovation that works with companies, universities, and thought-leading institutions in Silicon Valley. We are set up to promote international collaboration on technology and business opportunities to attract and cultivate talents, and to deliver “high-tech” content and “smart” services to local communities as well as our Suning community at large.


What We Do


Applied AI Lab

Employ cutting edge machine learning, natural language understanding and information retrieval technology to deliver a pleasant internet shopping experience.

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Big Data Lab

Invest in innovative businesses that aligns and synergizes with Suning's vision and to facilitate the creation of disruptive technologies and great companies.

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Cross Broder Ecommerce Center

Introduce US local popular brands and merchandises to Great China’s consumer market to building Suning’s brand market value globally.

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International Trade Center

Leverage Suning’s global supply chain capability, to build business relationships in international trade business.

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Provide more exciting and interactive online shopping experience, we have developed Haigo.us eCommerce platform. First we will introduce American Brands to Chinese mainland shoppers, focusing on American niche brands that associate with healthy lifestyle and unique design with compelling brand stories.

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Strategy Planning

Help Suning achieve a dominant market position across six vertical industries by monitors the latest technology trends, incubates new business models, identifies new business opportunities, and drives execution from idea inception to production deployment.

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