Commerce R&D Center

    • * Drive Suning Business and Technology Transformation
    • * Establish a talent and patent pool for Suning next 10 years' innovation and development
  • Suning.com


    Suning.com was launched in September 2014, as a business unit to
    1) Operate the usa.suning.com overseas shopping store for Chinese consumers,
    2) Create a new digital marketplace haigo.us for US-China cross-border-trades,
    3) Develop a global supply chain to serve the broad-spectrum Suning O2O ecosystem,
    4) Facilitate strategic alliance with global retail players.

Who We Are

the leaders, the explorers

Who is Suning R&D in Palo Alto?


  • • An engine of innovation working with Silicon Valley companies, universities and other thought leading institutions.

  • • Promote international cooperation on technology and business opportunities.

  • • Deliver content services and products to the local community.

  • • Cultivate talents to invent new business models and cutting edge technologies.


Vision of Suning Commerce USA


  1. Insight for future: Radical thinking for new directions

  3. Change for business: Disruptive Innovation for business domain

  5. Open for resources: Alignment of resources

  7. Inclusive for talent: Self motivation

  9. Never say Never mentality: Do something big, Do something more


What We Do


Smart Search

We employ cutting edge machine learning, natural language understanding and information retrieval technology to deliver a pleasant internet shopping experience.

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To invest in innovative businesses that aligns and synergizes with Suning's vision and to facilitate the creation of disruptive technologies and great companies.

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Build up industry related business function set and cloud platform. Build the partnership with leading company in SaaS ad PaaS area. Focus on high performance computing open technology innovation and integration.

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Connected Finance

Suning Connected Finance team focuses on investigating state-of-art internet technologies to innovate Suning financial products and services.

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Strategic Planning

The core alignment of strategic business alliance in technology development and execution of methodologies, product design, services, and partnerships to lead Suning into future tech.

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To provide more exciting and interactive online shopping experience, we have developed Haigo.us eCommerce platform. First we will introduce American Brands to Chinese mainland shoppers, focusing on American niche brands that associate with healthy lifestyle and unique design with compelling brand stories.

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Business Development

Our mission is to foster strategic relationships with our industry partners and create long-term value for our partners, customers, and the markets.

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